Dedicating Time To Creating Content Will Increase Your Domain Authority

Content will always and forever be the king of the Internet.

Anyone with valuable content can gain huge value in the Internet. Viral videos may be another story but the nature of their unique and surprising content is undeniable.

The key to increasing your domain authority is to improve your content creation. Clients, designers and marketing teams must not underestimate the power of the creative process in improving domain authority.

Based on a study from, the more linking root domains (LRDs) or unique websites that link to your post, the more you gain domain authority. To break it down in numbers, getting one strong link is better than 10 weak links.

A link-worthy story is the secret. A link-worthy content is key.

Make sure that you have an amazing idea on hand.

For example, in a saturated market about guitar playing, what can make your story unique? What can make it link-worthy.

Let’s say painless guitar-playing exists (and it truly does). While the pros can criticise it, the public will not. Instead, they can relate to it. Now we have a link-worthy story.

Make sure to validate your ideas. Create variations to your story. Create different stories from different perspectives

The scope of your content is also important. Make sure that your content is relatable to areas that you want to reach where local news outlets and blogs could pick it up and repost quickly.

From here, enjoy the fruits of your labour as your Domain Authority improves.

The Two Right Answers To Elevating Backlinks In Your Forum

The answer is obvious for many people: find and preserve the people adding substantial content to forums and you have the best forum site that Google can provide for the said niche.

But in today’s world, this isn’t enough. Your web neighbourhood — including member links to outside websites — are now a factor. Trusting members to put up quality backlinks can be difficult for most forums.

But here are two ways to elevate your backlinks.

Introduce a Guest Writer

Introduce someone who could begin an interesting thread where the experts in your forum could respond.

This someone must know how to arouse and manage a meaningful debate complete with proper citations of experiments. If your forum members cite to their blogs for evidence, make sure to check the quality of their blogs: i.e. if the topics are relevant to yours and if proper fact-finding practices have been used.

Look at Other Forums

The easiest solution is to look at other forums and see if they have the same topic being discussed hotly in your own forum. Check their hottest topic and see the responses of people.

You are looking for trends in the quality of links used as citations, the data they provide and the approach to certain topics.

Make a comparison in your own forum and try to encourage the improvement of certain points to lift your backlinks quality.

Discussing The Pros and Cons of Using HTML and WordPress For Web Development

I still remember the early days when we had to design websites, even bulletin boards and forums, using HTML.

HTML 1.0 to 3.0 had been lackluster but we managed enough. It was here we learned proper coding technique. Yes, it was an era of detail.

But content management was our biggest problem. Luckily, today, there’s WordPress. WP has been friendly to content management, not having to swamp through an entire code to format and input your content.

It also has its cons though, so let’s see.


HTML 5.0 now allows embedding of videos and today’s social media widgets. It works best with today’s simplified approach of website design, or rather, Google’s Material Design that is quite helpful to be honest. You won’t need to add too many details. It’s easier to add advertisements.

Also, you can create customisations that give you an advantage in SEO. It would seem web surfers are particular with website designs being “organic” and “lifelike” or if it can present the necessary information conveniently rather than have so many useless details.

The problem would be content management and image sizing. You will need to know more about HTML if you want to manage content on HTML sites.


WordPress has a great list of templates for your websites. While its content management reigns supreme and plug-ins make it easy to achieve certain functions and analysis without much trouble, the only downside is that you will need to purchase these addons. These addons in particular can be coded in HTML 5.0. So WordPress has that monetisation platform.

Yet it provides very beautiful themes. Some themes need to be bought, but their developers update the theme every now and then. Often, these include excellent and powerful new features.

Expanding Your Outreach Using Three Of Today’s Best Practices

Forums are a great way to expand your online presence as an authority in certain niches or fields. There will be dentists who understand the proper marketing of their services. There will be plumbing companies whose in-house teams are effective in expanding their presence in certain areas

These individuals at the helm of polishing their companies’ images could be you if you knew these three best practices.

Expand Content and Add Value

Content is everything in the Internet. Value-added content is better. Value-added content is content that is easy to digest and it resolves the spotlighted issue for many individuals with the same question.

This is where the “grade” system under your profile name usually comes into play. When you expand content, people thank you for your efficiency and effort to answer their little problem.

Be The “Go-To” Guy

In forums, strive to become the person they can talk to when it comes to certain problems. For example, you’re a computer technician and have worked as such for 10 years. Saying things from your perspective will not help; instead, provide help physically or informatively.

Your worksmanship and informativeness indicates your experience, which enables people in forums to trust you for your work.

Avoid Promoting Your Services Directly

Never ever tell people that you’re an expert. Never tell them that you have a company. Build up your company image “from scratch”. Always provide solutions without question.

A company blog where you could provide links to such solutions can help. Do not affiliate yourself with your company just yet. View yourself as a person who found the company link from research.

Distance yourself from the objective and build up your own image. Once you achieve step two, link yourself to the company to build your network of trusted clients.

Do Emojis In Online Marketing Really Help?

Anybody using a Facebook account or any other social media account may have seen videos, photographs and memes including emojis plurally used in different situations.

Emojis, intended to replace text smileys are used to express a sender’s emotions due to the lack thereof when sending an email, text message or chat response. It can be cute for some and annoying for many others. But some of these media mentioned have got it all correctly, attracting a huge number of visitors.

Maybe emojis serve as a guide for a viewer’s emotions? Or maybe they’re just funny-looking you have to listen to the message it’s trying to convey.

According to Heather Wied from Pubsoft, who uses some emojis for her marketing strategies:

“I’m a millennial, but for a long time I was staunchly anti-emoji. I found them occasionally funny and mildly annoying. I would get them in text messages from friends and roll my eyes. However, one day I downloaded the emoji keyboard to my phone and used emojis for the first time. I may have gone a little overboard that day, but from then on I was hooked. I’ve become an avid emoji user, and I find one emoji can convey an entire idea and can also be quite an effective method of communication.

For being simple illustrations, many emojis have the ability to convey the right expression, mood, or feeling, and stringing them together can add even more context, so if you’re not using them in your marketing, you may be missing out. If you’re not convinced yet, let me make a stronger case. Emojis communicate ideas and many have their own connotations and subtext. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an emoji has to be worth at least a sentence.”

You be the judge.

Four Ways Visual Media Is Leading In Online Marketing

It wasn’t long ago when people first discovered visuals are crucial to sending a proper message to consumers. The Internet was once a flood of texts and marketing boiled down to optimising one’s keywords up to the photos that need to load quickly with a slow connection.

But thanks to modern technology, we could use three visual techniques for advertising and marketing that is both low-cost and efficient for any starting business

Message Retention

I’m pretty sure that just like anyone who had YouTube during their adolescence, you’ve sensed people respond more to videos rather than photos or even text posts. I’ve pretty much shared plenty of videos I’ve made of myself in early social networks before Facebook and received huge returns through comments and even additional shares.

A scientific enquiry had once shown that about 90 per cent of the messages the brain receives are purely visual, which explains why photos and videos are crucial to your Internet marketing success.


With message retention in mind, interest stimulation is apparent. This explains why most car sales intend to use good-looking staff when it comes to approaching consumers. An offer that appears exciting and interesting helps consumers remember what the campaign is all about and will continue to engage the idea, helping create a strong bond and association with your audience.

Simpler But Effective Communication

Photos truly speak a thousand words and videos convey words with thousands of messages. With just a minute of video streaming, you deliver a message in a simple and direct way.

Text can create confusion. People who don’t like long passages despite the proper dispersal of photos and media can receive visual information especially when it is more elegant and creative.

A List Of Online Marketing Advice For Newcomers!

This list was originally published in It would be helpful for online marketers to take these one-sentence advice seriously.

1. Don’t Neglect Your On-Page Optimization

According to business leaders responding to’s article, local businesses require definite on-page optimisation to deliver the right gains. Links aren’t the only factors to rank highly in Google or other search engines. You need some proper formatting and a definite understanding of everything SEO

2. Don’t Fall For Marketing Traps

Don’t believe advertisements claiming your website could be an SEO superstar overnight; that’s a trap that’s really too good to be true. If they ask you to send money using anonymous money vouchers or others, don’t send money. It’s one of the biggest mistakes and biggest traps you’ll ever encounter.

3. Use Your Most Powerful Links

Find local businesses with great SEO rankings and partner up with them. Use the opportunity to get links. Find local schools willing to have pages dedicated to businesses who are helping them achieve their goals. You could make a donation and be part of local charity websites. Use an afternoon to find these golden link opportunities for yourself.

 See the complete list here!

The Three Best Ways To Improve Your Calls To Action

CTA buttons not working as much as you’d hope they could? Not converting fast enough? It’s neither your buttons nor its button colours that is the problem with your strategy.

Rather it’s your content.

It’s always been about good content. The better your content, the more your audience would want to read about your take on the subject.

That, and two more in this list.

1. Better Content and Lead-In

Great content comes with well-researched information and helpful insight in general. A poorly-written post with a call to action in the bottom isn’t too helpful.

Have an infographic. Make a fifth-grader understand the subject you’re talking about. The easier it is to understand, the better the reception. Also, the better your conversion rates.

2. Contrast

Your buttons still play a role here. It’s a matter of understanding the balance in your organisation of objects on-screen. If you’re shown this photograph, you would immediately want to click on the button or at least read what is written on it. If the offer is satisfying, you would then click it.

But if you’re one of the more detail-attention persons, you could find another button that has what you need. For us marketers, getting people’s attention to turn to what we want them to notice is already enough.

3. Email

If you’ve successfully asked people to sign up for your newsletter, do well in such and you’ll be rewarded with great conversions and traffic. Include fresh and useful content. You could also send some past content provided the content is updated and completely relevant.

Five Ways To Improve Your Franchise Brand Marketing Strategy Online

Despite the brand recognition and attribution, franchises aren’t really well-known in plenty of other places. According to Columnist Will Scot from, the trick to franchise or doing multi-location business is to avoid having different online approaches.


Why so? It’s clear in the following:

  • Confusion

Multiple online approaches can confuse consumers for each business. Every branch you have must not have a different approach. Strive for uniformity. If you have multiple websites, strive for uniformity in terms of product quality, services and other features.

  • Blog

Will Scot said marketers should never forget to have an active blog. A blog helps improve the brand because consumers learn from the thoughts of consumers along with content and updates. Help users know more about your products by giving them applicable ideas to use with your wares.

  • Authority Is Through Social Empowerment

Social media is the power behind being an authority. Make your voice active on Google+, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and more.

  • Consistency

Never choose to confuse your audience. Make sure all your business outlets are placed in the same business category and carry the same logo. Check their inventories and each of them should carry the the same items and the same online accounting where needed.

  • Locations

Once people recognize your central brand, you can create pages or additional media for your other branches individually. In this manner, people will know the locations of your other stores and also give you an opportunity to tell you about the products and services offered at each location.

The Three Ways That Indicate You’re Doing Forum Content Management Effectively

With a forum or bulletin board, it’s easy to lose track of the content posted in your forums. Many will always follow the guidelines, but with an increasing number of members, monitoring every post for illegal or spam content could be troublesome. However, if you’re doing these three content management tips, you are on the right track!

  • Copyrighted Content

Forum members who are uploading video URLs coming from publishing websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion and others have content that is already copyright-screened. This means that there’s no trouble of anybody shutting down your forums because it publishes copyrighted media. Meanwhile, anybody who uploads copyrighted material for distribution could put your forum at risk. Remove these at once and provide an explanation.

  • Vulgar Content

Vulgarity and obscenity in forums depends on the niche you are tackling. A reputable authority forum with professionals participating in the discussions may not find a few cuss words and vulgarity offensive. However, if every thread contains too much vulgar content, including obscene media sourced from low-ranking publishing websites, it would be best to remove this to avoid any possible trouble clauses in the future.

  • Collective Rights To Publish

If you are publishing media created by your forum members or your forum members intend to publish a copyrighted material in your forum, you will have to apply for a collective right to publish the media. For example, anybody who would like to publish a song from an artist in a forum will need the forum administrator’s permission to post it. The administrator then applies a collective right to publish from the artist or publication itself using the forum’s name as its business representation.